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Jointed Minnow

  • 595

  • Designed with 8 segment multi-jointed body.
  • Slow sinking.
  • Life-like swimming actions provoke predator fish to strike.
  • 3D realistic looking eyes.
  • This swimbait appears vivid and looks like a real fish. 
  • Made of high-quality material and equipped with built-in rattle
  • Great swimming action to increase the feeding urge of predator fish and induce them to attack.


  • Length: 5.5in/14cm
  • Weight: 0.9oz/25g
  • Swimming: Depth:6ft-8ft
  • Material: Hard ABS Plastic, Steel Wire
  • Targeting Fish: Bass, Perch, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Trout, etc.

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