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Sandeel Pencil Lure (Sinking)

  • 1695

  • Sinking lure.
  • Made of new ABS engineering material which has high pressure resistance. 3D fish eyes make the lure looks more realistic. It equips with 2 strong hooks with sharp barb and good penetration power.
  • The shape of this topwater lure mimic the real sand eel which has slim head and wide tail. It has one-through wire go through the whole body and this can make sure this lure withstands larger force. 
  • The internal structure of this topwater lure is mainly made of three steel balls, two balls are fixed and one ball move freely to collide with the other two to produce sound. This internal design can enhance the ability to do far casting as well. When you cast the lure, it just like a bullet to reach the point you want.

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