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Spreader Bars - Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I fish with a Spreader Bar ?
Ideally, use no less than four spreader bars, one off each short rigger and one off each long rigger on both the port and starboard sides.  

Fill out the spread with single lures in the blanks between bars so as to appear as straggler baitfish.

Spreader bars should be pulled on top of the water, so whatever conditions dictate, adjust your pull accordingly.

Utilize spreader bars with bird to create more commotion.

What Color should I use?
Mix up the color pattern and stick with the color that seems to have the best success for that day. You can try also to match the prevalent bait color.

What Size Teasers should I use?
Typically, 6 or 9 inch teasers are used with a larger stinger / chase lure. Matching the size of the prevalent bait is a good starting size to go with.

What speed to troll with spreader bars?
Typically, toll at 6-7-knot when pulling spreader bars, but if seas are calm and glassy flat, you can increase up to 7.5 or 8 knots.

What type of fish will strike a spreader bar trolling rig?
Offshore trolling spreader bars are commonly used for Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, and Dolphin. Don't be surprised if a bluefish or striper take it as well!


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