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Flex Trolling Tubes

The original Flex Trolling Tubes features flexible thru-wire construction, a tough polymer tube, and stainless hardware.

Designed to be fished slow with a free moment as it is retrieved through the water. Made in the USA with quality materials provides you with a durable lure to last countless hook ups. Available in multiple sizes and colors. 

Product Specifications

  • J Hook or Circle Hook options.
  • 135 lb braided line (1x7 - nylon coated stainless wire)
  • Crimped sleeve connections
  • 260 lb ball bearing swivel
  • Polymer tubing
Tube Weights
  • 12 inch - 1.0 oz
  • 15 inch - 1.25 oz
  • 18 inch - 1.5 oz
  • 24 inch - 2.0 oz


Circle Hook Option


Bucktail Option
4 Inch - Synthetic Yak Hair - Provides great added flare for extra strikes!

Tube and Worm Fishing - Frequently Asked Questions