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Soft Bait Prawn / Shrimp Jig (6oz/4.7in)

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Bay State Tackle Pro-Series Prawn delivers the best saltwater/freshwater fishing jig for children and adults’ beginner or pro. Featuring high quality materials including soft plastic and Kevlar matting.

Custom bait jig to outlast multiple fish bites and stick around as a favorite for years. Lifelike movements with extra safety protection allowing for multiple handlings; convenient and easy to use for small to large hands.

Colors range from extremely lifelike to brilliantly eye catching. 

Perfect for hooking and reeling in freshwater / saltwater gamefish.

  • Pre-Rigged Hook
  • Kevlar Matting
  • Realistic Leg Action
  • Luminous Eyes
  • Weight: 0.6 ounces / Length: 4.7 in.

    - The Bay State Tackle shrimp / prawn series lure features a segmented body that creates realistic swimming action. The tail action in combination with lifelike legs and color patterns increases successful bite rates. A slow, straight retrieve with an occasional twitch is all it takes to further enhance lure liveliness and increase fish strikes.

    PREMIUM BUILT - Featuring a precisely engineered shape, the soft body shrimp/prawn imitation lure has a realistic swimming action with all jigging and retrieval speeds. Pre-rigged with ultra-sharp hook, the jigging shrimp/prawn lure also features Kevlar matting, realistic leg action and luminous engineered eyes.

    MULTIPLE SPECIES - Whether you fish lakes, inshore, estuaries, rivers, fresh or saltwater, this lure will target striped bass, sea bass, blues, snook, redfish and more.



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