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Bucktail Jig

  • 350

  • 1oz, all white color,
  • Lead fish head with 3D big eye, 5/0 stainless steel hook
  • Luminous lead head, glow in water
  • Bucktail Jig has unique shape of the head and placement of the eyelet helping bring the whole lure to life
  • Bucktail Jig are made with the most specified materials for corrosion resistance to both fresh and saltwater hooks Built using hand-tied bucktail skirt material , the Bucktail Jig provides a natural pulsing action that calls to big fish
  • Glides through the water, almost swimming along.the jig seperates itself from all other lures with its tantalizing gliding descent, which doesn’t fall or hang straight down, like other bucktail jigs
  • Suitable for any species of fish, including snapper, flounder, cobia, striper, snook, trout, musky, crappie, bass and walleye

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