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Trolling Tube - Flexible (18 Inch)

  • 1295

Fishing trolling tube with a flexible thru-wire design, which creates a life-like motion as it moves through the water. Great for striped bass and other game fish. Add a sandworm to the stinger hook for a classic "tube and worm" set-up. Use at slow speeds when trolling and during casting retrieval.135 lb. braided stainless line / 260 lb. swivel

  • 135 lb. flexible thru wire design
  • J or Circle Hook option
  • 260 lb stainless steel ball bearing swivel
  • Synthetic polymer tubing

Add a keel weight and leader or try our bullet head weighted tube worms to fish at lower depths.

A sand eel added to the hook will also help increase fish strikes. (Circle hook maybe required depending on state regulations)


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